FLP 21 – Liverpool Goes to Ed Fringe 2015 & Liverpool Comedy Festival Special 2015 01

It is Funny Looking Podcast 21 and due to total collapse of organisational skill on Gav’s behalf – Pete isn’t here again…

But we do have some old and new friends.

Once again we are excited to announce that we are the ‘Official’ Podcast of the Liverpool Comedy Festival 2015, beating off the dozens of other Liverpool based podcasts we know.

We will be bringing you previews and chats with artists, legends and heroes from across the whole festival.

But that is not yet…

There is a smal matter of the Edinburgh Comedy Festival to go.

Oh and the fact that Funny Looking Live – GOES LIVE!!

Two gigs at an amazing venue in Liverpool, 81 Renshaw St.

And that is the theme of this podcast, the growing hub of alternative, comedy, arts and performance out of this city centre venue.

Chris Jenkins - Top JoeAlastair Clark & the Legion of Doom Alastair Clarke & Becky Webbgentlemen have both been featured in this podcast before and they are joined by Becky Web & Chris Jenkins as they prepare for Ed Fest, Liverpool Comedy Festival and more.



Links to pals:

Liverpool Comedy Festival

The Legion of Doom:

Legion of Doom: Curiouser & Spuriouser

Cabaret At the End of the Universe
Alastair Clarke:

Getting Better

Chris Jenkins:


Alastair & Chris

The Best Top Quality 5-Star International Gold Standard 100% Extraordinary Cabaret at the Fringe Ever: Top Acts GuaranteedThe Liverpool Comedy Festival:

Funny Looking LIve:
19th September – http://www.thecomedytrust.com/comedy-festival/whats-on/funny-looking-live/
26th September – http://www.thecomedytrust.com/comedy-festival/whats-on/funny-looking-live-269/funny

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Funny Looking Podcast 12 – Tiernan Douieb


Hello, it’s been a bit hasn’t it! Ah well. We are very pleased to see you!

It’s a bit long, perfect for splitting up during the week!

Straight in with a smashing chat from a great comedian.

So hard working and so funny. This man is on tour and have seen this gent live and we will do again! So should you:


Go see you lovelies.

You’ll find all you need to know about Michael J. Dolan here:


Go buy that album. Our previous journey with the MJD can be followed here: https://funnylooking.co.uk/?p=237

Also follow Manchester Man – Phil Ellis – https://twitter.com/Thephilellis

George Ryegold – https://twitter.com/GeorgeRyegold – He is in a lot of adverts…

This is the link for Mark Griffiths – buy his book for that smart kid you should pay more attention to:


Round up links:


About us



Here is Gina Jenkinson’s Laughing Bassett loveliness:
Here is the first chat we had with Gina – https://funnylooking.co.uk/?p=82

Leanne Moden the poet is here – http://tenyearstime.blogspot.co.uk/

Will we see you at the Mach Comedy Festival? We hope so.

Do get in touch. If you get something from it. We would love to know!

Love you.

Gav & Pete



Flog: Too Much Gittins?


The Brian Gittins Radio Show Archive is here…

It has got unseemly. Hasn’t it? Our enthusiasm for this man.

It seems that at the same time this podcast and concept was born. In some dark corner of the south coast, Brian Gittins, a seemingly unsuccessful stand up, took to broadcasting.

Discovering his live Spreaker podcast only 2 or 3 in, it quickly became the must listen to event. Why? I have no idea.

Whole episodes where given over to testing an effective contact with Skype.

Terrible robots and their creators called in.

Super star callers were elevated to mythic levels and we dreamed they would call in. Then they disappeared.

David Edwards came into our lives.

Poppy & Titty Girl. Adam Warren & Charles Petrescu. We worried for Snotface but we hoped he would call.

And we called in. Initially burnt and rejected for being boring. I found my corner. Sometimes I sing to Brian.

I sing when I am worried for him. Happy for him. Sad for him.

It is the only place I sing. I have found a voice. Brian gave me that.

Brian Gittins might have left Spreaker forever.

It is harder to find the older shows. On Spreaker or on iTunes. So I have given them a home. An archive. A memorial.

I pledge to put every single episode in that archive. And keep it there. For you.

You can help me. Listen to an episode. Comment on it. Who called in? What was discussed? What went wrong? What was played? Lets make this the authoritative Brian Gittins archive on the Internet, way above all the rest.

Now you can go right back to the start. Come on that journey that some of us have been on. You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. You’ll get angry. Bored. And annoyed.

It is what he would have wanted.

Gav (Jav)
Twitter @BGittinsArchive

Funny Looking Podcast 07 – Ellis & Munnery – Straight outta Chorlton!

This is the first pod recorded in Pete’s new palatial suburban abode. Meanwhile Gav’s been sunning himself in a Spanish villa. This truly is the most middle class podcast.

This time we have got some INCREDIBLE guests. Simon Munnery and Hayley Ellis let us put questions to them and we loved talking to them.


There’s also Not the Comedy Round Up where we don’t quickly talk about stuff we like. (Although we do and it’s enjoyable)

Finally there’s Limmys Show. He would definitely hate us but we definitely love him.


If you enjoy this honest yet shambolic thing then please get in touch. All the details are at:
http://facebook.com/FunnyLookingPod Twitter us up: https://twitter.com/funnylookingpod Love our website: https://funnylooking.co.uk Subscribe to us on iTunes: (5 star review – what do ye think?) http://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/funny-looking-podcast/id531184732
Humble thank ye’s

Gav and Pete

Funny Looking Podcast 06 – September 2012 – Go Faster Kate


We like you for listening. We do.

But we like the people we talk about more. You will too…

You might have right-clicked this and saved it.

Listened to it on the website.

Subscribed in iTunes.

How ever you got hear – we salute you.

Solidly packed with the top stuff – you can find:

The award wining Kate Tracey


One of the finest compares and confident stand up comedians we know.

Top tips aplenty in there – listen carefully and follow our commands.

The smashingly Welsh Chris Evans gave of his lovely time as he does with his lovely leadership of



The first 3 people that buy something from that website on our recommendation and genuinely do not enjoy it and can tell me why, I will buy their purchase from them full price! I promise that! My money is safe.


Once again our man-crush on Tony Law continues when we gush about Go Mr Tony Go – Buy it:


Go see him:


Pete adds a new feature – ‘From the Postbag’ and after the end sting there is a frankly embarrassing call to Basil Bottler. We are ashamed of ourselves but love Basil.

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We love you and we love this – let us know what you think and what you would want us to talk about.

Gav & Pete


Funny Looking Podcast 05 August 2012 Updated

Andy Zaltzman, the legend, is our honoured and treasured for podcast number 05. The Bugle has to be the finest funniest podcast and from our lowly spot we crick our neck as we look up to them so much.  Recorded before the Olympics, we are concerned that his daily attendance to an event has broken the man…


We spurt out our love for the explosion of comedy that has lolloped from the loins of Channel 4 over this summer.  In particular we high light “The Function Room” and we cherry pick a top notch classic – “Garth Marenghi’s Dark Place” – Watch it now and be a winner:


We break all boundaries and meet Simon South, to talk about how magic and comedy combines – Simon freaks Gav with a demonstration of the powers of the Dark Side


Finally – a crushed voiced Gav shows off about all the shows he has seen at this years Ed Fringe and flings out a few top notch recommendations:







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Funny Looking Presents…

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We love you and we love this – let us know what you think and what you would want us to talk about.

Gav & Pete


Funny Looking Podcast 04 August 2012 – Lots of Laughing Animals

Hello and welcome to number 4! From Pete, Gav and appearances by best friend of the show, Clare O’Mahoney.


It’s a packed one again – especially created to give you an insight into the things we find funny and what we hope you will love too!


Firstly we have an audio blog from my mercifully short time as the producer for Arthur Smith Udderbelly show on the South Bank.

Find out more about the brilliant Wilfredo Here:


Thom Tuck:


And the very insightful Merissa Burgess here:



We talk about about Veep, the new programme for HBO by Armando Iannucchi.


We went to see Simon Amstell on tour, but not together…



We fell mesmerised at the feet of Daniel Kitson.



We had a fab chat with Gina Jenkinson of Laughing Basset




Plus we went to two Laughing Cows gigs in Liverpool



People we mentioned:


https://twitter.com/Hayles_Ellis – http://www.hayleyelliscomedy.com/

https://twitter.com/JenBrister – http://www.jenbrister.co.uk/


If you are quick you could get 4 free tickets to the next Laughing Cows Liverpool gig – it’s really easy to do! Details in the pod.


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We love you and we love this – let us know what you think and what you would want us to talk about.

Gav & Pete



Funny Looking Podcast 03 – It’s Arthur Smith! Yes – it really is!

Featuring an interview with Arthur Smith.
We can’t believe it – Episode 3 is here. We were sober and clean (though Gav has the remnants of a croaky, sniffly cold – but he does not like to go on about it)

A huge list of links but that is what we are all about!

Pete & Gav

Stewart Lee

XS Malarky

Brian Gittins




Arthur Smith

Funny Looking Podcast 02! Oh yes – It’s Laurence Clark!

You are very welcome to the second Funny Looking Podcast – We made it!
Straight in:
This time we went on another field trip to see the now hitched Richard Herring in What is Love Anyway. We hope he found the answer to that. Especially as I type this on what is his (and his wife’s) wedding night)
We watched a DVD by the incomporable Simon Munnery. From the highly brilliant Go Faster Stripe:
We listened and giggled along to Pappy’s Flatshare Slamdown
We chatted to Laurence Clark, who featured in the recent BBC1 Documentary – We Won’t Drop the Baby – which had actually been aired the night before the interview. And is also on a massive tour at the moment.
We also watched the first episode of the 2nd series of 2012
We announced our first ever competition – with a real prize! – If you enter you will probably win…
And we previewed best friend of the show Clare’s Seinfeld website, in readiness for episode 3!
Phew! Remember that you can follow and talk us in sooo many ways:
Twitter – @funnylookingpod
FaceSpace – http://www.facebook.com/FunnyLookingPod
SoundCloud – http://soundcloud.com/funnylookingpod
Email – funnylookingpod@gmail.com

We want to hear of your thoughts, ideas, suggestions & directions we should take.
Gav & Pete

There is an Easter Time Easter egg at the end of the pod & the full interview with Laurence will be posted soon!


Funny Looking Podcast 01! Spymonkey & Spike

Welcome to the first Funny Looking Podcast, the podcast about comedy that nobody is calling for!
We want to actively look for the funny in any form, whether it is live, on the telly or via that wonderful internet gateway.
This time we watched and chatted about the Sarah Millican Television Programme.

We went out on the road to the first night of The Invisible Dot – New Wave comedy tour with Sheeps – @sheepsofcomedy – Nick Mohammed @nickmohammed and Jonny Sweet – @jonnytweet
We sat on the sofa and enjoyed an episode of OOglies from the edgy comedy factory that is CBBC.
We were very fortunate enough to have some time with Toby Park of Spymonkey. Currently on tour with Oedipussy and Mark Smith of Spike Theatre, also on tour with The Games.
@Spymonkeycomedy – www.spymonkey.co.uk
@spiketheatre – www.spiketheatre.com
If you go to our soundcloud or Facebook page you will find a link to a full 30 minute chat with Toby & Mark – go see their productions – you won’t regret it!
Finally, in an over round bumper first edition, we dug out an episode of Jo Brand’s Like It or Lump It from the YouTube archive.
You can follow us on Twitter – @funnylookingpod – search Facebook for Funny Looking Podcast and listen to the podcast and extras on Soundcloud at:

Let us know what you think and where we should be looking for the funny.
Beware – there is a bit of explicit ‘effin & ‘jeffin! – adult themes and all that – YEAH!
Gav & Pete

Special thanks to Clare, Oaksey, Wilco, Keddy & Pete’s Boss!
Music by Robin Surtees – @125notout
This podcast is for some reason supported by Fortom Ltd – www.fortomltd.co.uk