Funny Looking Podcast 12 – Tiernan Douieb

Hello, it’s been a bit hasn’t it! Ah well. We are very pleased to see you!

It’s a bit long, perfect for splitting up during the week!

Straight in with a smashing chat from a great comedian.

So hard working and so funny. This man is on tour and have seen this gent live and we will do again! So should you:


Go see you lovelies.

You’ll find all you need to know about Michael J. Dolan here:

Go buy that album. Our previous journey with the MJD can be followed here:

Also follow Manchester Man – Phil Ellis –

George Ryegold – – He is in a lot of adverts…

This is the link for Mark Griffiths – buy his book for that smart kid you should pay more attention to:

Round up links:

About us

Here is Gina Jenkinson’s Laughing Bassett loveliness:
Here is the first chat we had with Gina –

Leanne Moden the poet is here –

Will we see you at the Mach Comedy Festival? We hope so.

Do get in touch. If you get something from it. We would love to know!

Love you.

Gav & Pete



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