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It’s almost November already? Don’t be glum chum. If you are super quick there is some freebies & limited offers… Because we love you.
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Funny Looking Presents…

For the Love of Alternative Comedy.
Curated with a Care.
Long Form Comedy for the Discerning.

So much good stuff to tell you guys! Soon to be legendary new shows. Kids Gigs & the almost instantaneous return of a Funny Looking Favourite.
Hidden Freebies in ticket links.
Limited 2-4-1’s

Exclusive £4 Tickets here for Jordan Brookes available for the Mailing List – if you add the code MAILING. 


Join us: Facebook & Twitter.
Get on board quick, they’ll all be doing it soon.

Jordan Brookes: The Making OfNov 3rd – 7:30pm – 81 Renshaw St

It’s this week! Oh my goodness. Just have a dig around to see how good this champ is.

I honestly believe Jordan will be one of those acts where you were able to say ‘ well I did get to see him in a beautiful back room space of a lovely cafe in Liverpool before you had heard of him…”

You’ll come to this gig and bring a friend and they will never stop thanking you, I can tell you.

Jordan currently features FL fave Kiri Pritchard McLean’s Comedy Short on Sky. It’s a brilliantly dark. Some details here.

Following this we have our Live Chat Show, featuring Liverpool Echo What’s On Comedian of the Year (Will he ever stop going on about it?) Top Joe, Lee Hithersay & Rob Bond.

Also debuting in the new feature – ‘The Hot Spot’ will be Rebecca E Clarke.

All of this for a bargain price if you buy in advance. And it’s still a stonker on the door!

Liverpool born Jordan talks about his triumphant return to his home town…
Funny Looking Presents:
The Stray Gods…
“Divinely daft comedy from Liverpool’s alternative ambrosia (not the custard).”

26th November


Do we have an early Christmas present for you?! Following the smash hit that was the first ever Funny Looking Fringe, come and join us for a special evening of collaboration, where the greatest comic minds in Liverpool’s alternative scene collide to bring you something incredible.

Uniting their comedy muscles to flex the bicep of laughter Travelling Wilburys style (or whichever supergroup you find applicable to your lives), Shaved Dog Comedy, Jim Alsbalstian’s Human Zo and Rebecca E Clarke join forces with all former members of the Legion of Doom.

It’s a show unlike any other – never before seen material, all new sketches and characters, and the scene’s most popular writers and performers in unprecedented combinations.
We can’t stress how great
this is going to be. Come and witness the birth of…

The Stray Gods.

Lee Hithersay (Terry Arlarse, formerly the Legion of Doom)
Rob Bond (Thaddeus Bent, formerly the Legion of Doom)
Michael Burton (Shaved Dog, Yolav)
Danny Bradley (Shaved Dog, Graham)
Liam Hale (Jim Alsbalstian’s Human Zoo, Greg Byke)
Rebecca E Clarke (Radio Rachel)

And the writing chops of:
Oliver Bond (Formerly the Legion of Doom)
Sean Stokes (Jim Alsbalstian’s Human Zoo

Tickets, Limited Offers & Maybe a Freebie Here

Sean Morley:
Earned Helplessness
(Work In Progress)
He has only just left us…

(by this I mean Sean is here on Oct the 30th running his workshop Scriptless Stand Up – you could still get there – depending on when you read this) 

But he is coming back with his Work in Progress show:

Earned HelplessnessThursday 1st Dec

81 Renshaw St

“Hi(!) & Wow! It’s me! Top lad Sean Morley.

Here I am with some of the biggest best jokes, really ready to smash the gig, raise the roof, raze the venue and salt the Earth. A show about divesting all your responsibilities.

As heard on BBC Radio 2, 4 & 4 Extra.

“Giddily hilarious. And he told not one joke” (Vibrations Magazine)

“Setting the bar for alternative comedy” (Our Favourite Places)

“Brilliant” (Broadway Baby)”

Get on this Ticket Link for treats aplenty – until they are gone…

Funny Looking Kids:
Comedy Club
Top nonsense. Guaranteed idiots. Definite Silliness.
Almost certainly a bonkers time.
Come to the comedy club in Liverpool especially for Funny Looking Kids!Rules:
No Swears
No Peanuts
No Uniform
Bring Jokes
Expect chaos and expert tomfoolery from some the best comic around.
(7+ suggested)
(Lovely cafe for the mums, dads, carers, aunties, uncles et al to sip tea and read the paper in…
Just saying…)
£3 for Kids!
(And Funny Looking Badge wearers! Sush! Mailing List exclusive!)
£5 for Grown Ups!

Nov 5th – 2.30pm to 4pm
Dec 3rd – 2.30pm to 4pm

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Funny Looking Presents… Update #06 Fringe 02!

Long Form Comedy for the discerning, that’s you!
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Summer is upon us. But Fringe Autumn is Coming…

It has been a while hasn’t it? I did say I wouldn’t bombard you.
But I have been thinking of you. Often.

There’s just too much to tell you and I am brimming with excitement.
Listen. Let’s grab that coffee sometime? And even if we don’t because of the pace of life that we lead, let’s just think fondly of each other now and again.
Maybe we will meet in the dark in the back room at the fringe event. Perhaps you will sidle up to me look at me and tell me and I am Funny Looking.

But in truth you are Funny Looking.


Line Up & Tickets

With first time hours, master works in development and acres of finely honed comedy that is fresh from the Edinburgh Fringe Festival; we are a broad church of choice.

Comedy for kids, music, podcasts, impro, stories, sketch, magic, mayhem, chaos, jokes, japes, jumbles and a joint we will get jumping with laughter. There is something here for you and all your pals. Bring them.

Look out for special announcements on Facebook & Twitter. Pop up Gigs. Late night surprises.

Come along, take a punt, stay for a coffee, cake and a beer. Be entertained. Be enthralled. Be challenged. Be part of the Liverpool Comedy Fringe that is Funny Looking.

Our website is in development!

Oh My G…
It’s actually happening sooner than you imagine. The Funny Looking Fringe at the Liverpool Comedy Festival.
Over 40 gigs all at the mighty 81 Renshaw Street.
The old hands, newcomers, experimental, podcasts,  award-winning and nominated, sketch, character, top nonsense & bargains aplenty.

This is the Fringe. The Funny Looking Fringe.

Bringing you so much good comedy that you so bloody deserve.

Have a skip down the ticket listing here and tell me there is something for you?

Line Up & Tickets

It’s impossible that there isn’t. I did this for you. And your friends. And all their friends too.

This is a grassroots Fringe, unfunded & dependent on your help sharing the list, telling people about it retweets, shares and likes really do help. Get excited with me will you?

Sean Morley – Scriptless Standup
A Comedy Workshop

This is an exclusive. BBC New Comedian of the year semi finalist Sean Morley is bringing his workshop to Liverpool for us. Your chance to jump on board the Morley Train.

Tickets for this workshop will be £20 and limited in numbers but there are a few early bird tickets for £15 on the link right now. We do expect this to sell out quickly.

Golden Ticket Competition

Would you like to see every single funny looking fringe at the Liverpool comedy festival gig for free? Of course you would! Who wouldn’t?

Funny looking is going to give away a Golden Ticket. Allowing you the ability to just swan into every gig and not have to hand over any of your sweet folding.

Click here and add your email address and enter the draw.

Drawn mid Sept.
Not transferrable to anybody other then the winner.

(If you have already bought tickets for any of the gigs, and you really should do, I will ensure you are refunded and not out of pocket – Gav)

Arthur Smith at the Hebden Bridge Arts Festival
Gig Report
Funny Looking Presents stretched its wings and promoted Arthur Smith at the Hebden Bridge Arts Festival. You can have a read of the gig report here:

Beware its features Americans, Lance +1 and a bottom.

A Funny Looking badge for a minimum donation of £2 will get you a pound off every single Funny Looking gig for life (terms and conditions apply)

Just £8 will get you a Funny Looking mug and as you sip your cup of joe you will know that you have supported our endeavours to give new and alternative comedy a gloriously different at home in Liverpool.

Finally if you just have to have one of our logos printed on a T-shirt, pair of leggings, or even a cushion, you can go to our red bubble store and support as that way. (Though it’s a bit expensive and then they sting you for postage so look out for the days when there are discounts)
(Basically, by a mug)

Shiny New Festival
@ The Lantern Theatre – Comedy
Pulse of the podcast and the Presents… Alastair Clark and Francis Greenfield has curated a beautiful set of preview gigs at the Lantern Theatre.
Have a butchers here but do it quick.
Volunteers & Help Needed
Funny Looking Fringe needs your help.
Want to be part of the first fringe of the Liverpool Comedy Festival?

We need people who will donate a few hours knowing that a lifetime of regard will be passed their way from myself.

We need-

  • Front of house and ticket support on the nights of the fringe gigs
  • Volunteer technicians to make sure the legends and champions of the fringe can be seen and heard
  • Marketing specialists with the uncanny ability of being able to hand a piece of paper to people on the street. (This is a really key one and just an hour or two of your time will really make a difference to all the acts)
  • Event & Admin support – do you want to be in at the sharp end of making a fringe happen? Are you interested in making events fly? Then we need your help. A few hours of your time getting the message out and helping with promotion online and beyond could be an excellent opportunity if this is something you’ve wanted to do for yourself.
  • Sponsorship – do you know a company, organisation or Internet millionaire who would like to help with this Fringe? As I say we are grassroots but with small amounts we can do a lot – we can get logos onto thousands of flyers and we can get sponsors names in front of readers of finest marketing outlets. This is a genuine request.
Season 2 & Podcasts

Funny Looking enters its 3rd year as the official podcast of the Liverpool Comedy Festival. Search iTunes or your pod catcher for Funny Looking.
(During the festival look out on Twitter for our guerilla Funny Looking Live podcasts and mayhem…)

Funny Looking Live has returned to Spreaker on a Sunday night.
Chat calls and topics. It’s either the best or the very worst way to start or finish your week.

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Arthur Smith v’s Hebden Bridge Arts Festival


“You need chaos to give birth to a dancing star.”
Nietsche (& Arthur Smith)
Arthur Smith: At Your Service
Hebden Bridge Arts Festival
July 1, 2016.
What a fantastic venue the Picture House in Hebden Bridge is, freshly and beautifully refurbished after the devastating floods of last year. The very essence of the word plush. Deep burgundy and gold flake and a sense of history and place. Normally a fantastic cinema venue but for Friday night it played host to the stand-up legend and tenacious untortured artist that is, Arthur Smith.
Bringing the very best of Alternative Comedy to the smartest of audience is the sole goal of Funny Looking Presents… And you can’t get more legendary under this banner then Arthur.
One quick glimpse of his history can tell you that the term legendary can sometimes be applied too lightly and too quickly. It is wholly appropriate in this case.
Helping to promote this gig for what seems to be a fantastic Festival; in one of the most beautiful towns north of Manchester; has been a treat here in Funny Looking Towers.
You know it’s going to be a great gig when the Director of the Hebden Bridge Arts Festival themselves takes great care to ensure that gently suggested rider items might favour cheese and chocolate (Arthur is famously diabetic – I say famously as he does write a column in diabetics monthly or something) to assuage any possible hypo, is lovingly placed on the one dressing room open since the post flood refurbishment.
The gig was a joy and the chaos that follows this long-standing Lord of Misrule was evident throughout.
Arthur has long been a champion and supporter of new acts and Manchester-based comedian Kate McCabe 174_HBAF2016_July1_craigshawphotofully realised her opening spot for the gig. Fantastic that the audience  warmed to her take on British ways and errors, (it’s a post BREXIT apocalypse guys we need to try and laugh through our tears) and she left the stage triumphantly. Thankfully Kate was already on her way to the next gig so she missed the gentle savaging of the entire American way that followed her set. For one of the architects and champions of the more politically correct approach comedy in the early 80s, (and I’m a big fan of that by the way and if you’re not and you think it out dated then get some cleverer material) showed our American cousins some of the errors of their ways…
Now I’m not saying the audience were hostile, far from it in fact for IMG_121099% of the time. Some of the audience made requests for old Smith routines, such was their level of fandom. But let’s just say there was an edge of menace when Arthur somewhat failed the pronunciation of Todmorden and Mytholmryod. At one point I saw pitchforks twitching under the seats…
Now, I’m not saying the next two items are connected but there was only one presenter that BBC Radio Four turned too when they needed a narrator for a documentary on the life and history of tramps. That was of course Arthur Smith. Prior to the gig Arthur, a keen rambler made contact and swapped gags with a local character. Two free tickets were offered in payment for said jokes and that started the rollercoaster of directors commentary offered by the two relaxed audience members. The gentlemans +1 enthusiastically tried to follow Mr Smith’s on stage naked cameo artiste. All I shall say that as I stood preventing this relaxed young woman from getting backstage, she clearly had a robust grasp of  English invective vocabulary. The role of a promotor is a varied one.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So there we have it Funny Looking Presents… takes itself out of Liverpool starting what is hopefully a continuing journey promoting the very best comedy to the most discerning of audience. And the audience were dreamy. Lots of laughs. Lots of love and frankly an over enthusiastic commitment to the singing of highly unique version of God save the Queen.
Viva La republic.
Viva Hebden Bridge.
Thank you the Festival Director, Helen Meller for hosting us.
The technical team Ben & Graham and the whole bloody gang at the Picture House.
Funny Looking Presents… would also like to thank Marissa Burgess, Kate McCabe, Lance +1 and of course the simply unique Mr Arthur Smith.
Building on a history of Podcasts, Season One of Funny Looking Presents… in Liverpool and towards the Funny Looking Fringe at the Liverpool Comedy Festival.
We are a grassroots independent lover of the alternative end of comedy and we want to be your friend. We want to bring you memorable evenings and fantastic people.
Have a look at our Merch.
Mailing List members get all the news first – sign up here.
Find us on Twitter and Facebook have a peep at that YouTube and come play out at the Fringe in September.

FLP 25 Beth Vyse & Funny Looking Presents

Beth Vyse – Just Beth Vyse.Funny Looking Presents...

Come to our gig.
Share our gig.

Be our gig.

Have a look at the Funny Looking Presents Gigs here:

Thurs Dec 3rd – Beth Vyse: As Funny As Cancer
Thurs Jan 7th – Arthur Smith: Mindlessness – A Beginners Guide
Thurs Feb 4th – Holly Burn:
Thurs March 3rd – Chris Coltrane: An Hour Of Tory-Smashing Comedy
Thurs April 7th – Michael J Dolan: The Most Villainous Michael J Dolan

Tickets & Details


Your subscriptions and reviews help us more then you imagine.

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Funny Looking Presents…

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Funny Looking Presents 07

FLP 24.5 Top Joe & Sean Morley Special


tumblr_nu0xnrwkzp1ufvsxfo1_r12_500Ahead of Top Joe’s second Regular Gig we present Top Joe, Gav and Sheffield sensation – Sean Morley.

Sean was a semi finalist in the BBC Radio New Comedy Awards 2015 and crown prince of the alternative Sheffield scene.

Top Joe is.Top Joe.

It’s a fabulous gig and worth your time and effort. Find Top Joe on Facebook or:

Sean Morley:sean Morley

Have a look at the Funny Looking Presents… Gigs here:

Thurs Dec 3rd – Beth Vyse: As Funny As Cancer
Thurs Jan 7th – Arthur Smith: Mindlessness – A Beginners Guide
Thurs Feb 4th – Holly Burn:
Thurs March 3rd – Chris Coltrane: An Hour Of Tory-Smashing Comedy
Thurs April 7th – Michael J Dolan: The Most Villainous Michael J Dolan

Your subscriptions and reviews help us more then you imagine.

There are 4 ways to get a badge. Find Funny Looking Podcast on Facebook to get the details. (Or even a mug…)

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Funny Looking Presents…

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Funny Looking Live on Spreaker – Sundays at 9pm:

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