Flog: Too Much Gittins?


The Brian Gittins Radio Show Archive is here…

It has got unseemly. Hasn’t it? Our enthusiasm for this man.

It seems that at the same time this podcast and concept was born. In some dark corner of the south coast, Brian Gittins, a seemingly unsuccessful stand up, took to broadcasting.

Discovering his live Spreaker podcast only 2 or 3 in, it quickly became the must listen to event. Why? I have no idea.

Whole episodes where given over to testing an effective contact with Skype.

Terrible robots and their creators called in.

Super star callers were elevated to mythic levels and we dreamed they would call in. Then they disappeared.

David Edwards came into our lives.

Poppy & Titty Girl. Adam Warren & Charles Petrescu. We worried for Snotface but we hoped he would call.

And we called in. Initially burnt and rejected for being boring. I found my corner. Sometimes I sing to Brian.

I sing when I am worried for him. Happy for him. Sad for him.

It is the only place I sing. I have found a voice. Brian gave me that.

Brian Gittins might have left Spreaker forever.

It is harder to find the older shows. On Spreaker or on iTunes. So I have given them a home. An archive. A memorial.

I pledge to put every single episode in that archive. And keep it there. For you.

You can help me. Listen to an episode. Comment on it. Who called in? What was discussed? What went wrong? What was played? Lets make this the authoritative Brian Gittins archive on the Internet, way above all the rest.

Now you can go right back to the start. Come on that journey that some of us have been on. You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. You’ll get angry. Bored. And annoyed.

It is what he would have wanted.

Gav (Jav)
Twitter @BGittinsArchive

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