FLP 17 Liverpool Comedy Festival Special 03 Hayley Ellis, Robin Ince & HooHa Comedy

Oh my Pod! It’s Funny Looking’s third Liverpool Comedy fest special.

We’ve already spoken to the artistic director of the whole bloody thing Sam Avery and the Edinburgh Award Nominees, James Acaster and Geins Family Giftshop so what could ever be next?

Well a couple more beauties is what we have! Hayley Ellis is returning to the pod for the second time whilst Robin Ince is a man we’ve wanted to speak with for ages. Add in newcomers Hoo Ha Comedy and you’ve got the perfect introduction to Liverpool Comedy Festival 2014.

Now, dust yourself down and go and see some live comedy, you deserve it. xoxox

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Funny Looking Presents…


Funny Looking Podcast 07 – Ellis & Munnery – Straight outta Chorlton!

This is the first pod recorded in Pete’s new palatial suburban abode. Meanwhile Gav’s been sunning himself in a Spanish villa. This truly is the most middle class podcast.

This time we have got some INCREDIBLE guests. Simon Munnery and Hayley Ellis let us put questions to them and we loved talking to them.


There’s also Not the Comedy Round Up where we don’t quickly talk about stuff we like. (Although we do and it’s enjoyable)

Finally there’s Limmys Show. He would definitely hate us but we definitely love him.


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