FLP 27 Daniel Nicholas & Che Burnley

Daniel Nicholas & Che Burnley are both bringing shows to the Funny Looking Fringe at the Liverpool Comedy Festival in September. But that isn’t the Fringe on their mind at the moment…

Funny Looking Fringe at 81 Renshaw Street bringing you an exciting mix of comedies to delight and surprise

Daniel Nicholas Scripted 1

Daniel Nicholas  – Scripted
In Liverpool – Tuesday 27th September at 7pm

Seems right up our street of subversive and funny and exciting!

At Edinburgh – Just The Tonic at 3.40pm


Che Burnley – The Big C
September 17th at 7pm

The best and worst year of his life

Also at Edinburgh doing Elvis Is A Racist? Cowgatehead at 8.15pm
PJ picks – funnylooking.co.uk

Friday Sept 16th – 9:00pm
Liam Pickford: Your Love Is A Knackered Bus Stop I can No Longer Be Arsed To Vandalise.

Sunday 18th September
James Meehan, Kiri Pritchard Mclean and Gein’s Family Giftshop triple header

Saturday 24th September
Edward Aczel’s – Foreign Policy…..from the edge of hell

Saturday 1st October
Holly Burn – I Am Special

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FLP 22 Kate Smurthwaite & Sam Avery at the Liverpool Comedy Festival 2015

It is Funny Looking Podcast 22. Oh my, what a treat.

Edinburgh Festival is still here, just but that’s not the Festival for us!

Sam AverySam Avery, Liverpool Comedy Festival Director guides us towards the start date of a festival opened by past chat guest Andy Zaltzman on the 17th of September. So many gigs for just a fiver. You will find plenty you should see.

Kate Smurthwaite by Bronac McNeillA show in the diary should be Kate Smurthwaite: The Wrong Sort of Feminist, a fresh show from left-wing, feminist, atheist comedian and activist Kate Smurthwaite. See you there? Sunday the 20th of September, 7pm at 81 Renshaw Street.

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Sam Avery:

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19th – http://www.thecomedytrust.com/comedy-festival/whats-on/funny-looking-live/
26th – http://www.thecomedytrust.com/comedy-festival/whats-on/funny-looking-live-269/funny

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FLP 21 – Liverpool Goes to Ed Fringe 2015 & Liverpool Comedy Festival Special 2015 01

It is Funny Looking Podcast 21 and due to total collapse of organisational skill on Gav’s behalf – Pete isn’t here again…

But we do have some old and new friends.

Once again we are excited to announce that we are the ‘Official’ Podcast of the Liverpool Comedy Festival 2015, beating off the dozens of other Liverpool based podcasts we know.

We will be bringing you previews and chats with artists, legends and heroes from across the whole festival.

But that is not yet…

There is a smal matter of the Edinburgh Comedy Festival to go.

Oh and the fact that Funny Looking Live – GOES LIVE!!

Two gigs at an amazing venue in Liverpool, 81 Renshaw St.

And that is the theme of this podcast, the growing hub of alternative, comedy, arts and performance out of this city centre venue.

Chris Jenkins - Top JoeAlastair Clark & the Legion of Doom Alastair Clarke & Becky Webbgentlemen have both been featured in this podcast before and they are joined by Becky Web & Chris Jenkins as they prepare for Ed Fest, Liverpool Comedy Festival and more.



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Liverpool Comedy Festival

The Legion of Doom:

Legion of Doom: Curiouser & Spuriouser

Cabaret At the End of the Universe
Alastair Clarke:

Getting Better

Chris Jenkins:


Alastair & Chris

The Best Top Quality 5-Star International Gold Standard 100% Extraordinary Cabaret at the Fringe Ever: Top Acts GuaranteedThe Liverpool Comedy Festival:

Funny Looking LIve:
19th September – http://www.thecomedytrust.com/comedy-festival/whats-on/funny-looking-live/
26th September – http://www.thecomedytrust.com/comedy-festival/whats-on/funny-looking-live-269/funny

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FLP 16 Liverpool Comedy Festival Special 02 Geins Family Giftshop & James Acaster

Can you believe it? A second podcast in just over a week?

We thought we would help lift the post Ed Fringe gloom with a sharp focus on the upcoming:


Continuing from the smashers of the last podcast we have two great chats and some tip top steer for you.

Ed is the 2nd quarter of Geins Family Giftshop after Kiri last time. (Maybe we should always have a member of GFG on?) Recorded at the very start of the festival he sounds as fresh as a daisy!

Now book a ticket here:


And watch their twisted YouTube channel for screams and giggles:


We have been fans of James Acaster for a while now, can you hear it in Petes voice? Fresh after a Salford preview, we solidly resisted asking about cabbaging. See you there?



At the time of publishing they are both Fosters Comedy Award nominees. Good luck to all!

Tucked in the middle of these chats is a location report from Gav on what could be his favourite Museum ever. And it is only going to get better!


Our other reccomendies included:

Sofie Hagan and her podcast of comedians stories:


The touring bravery that is Setlist:


And the brilliant stand up of Eddie Pepitone:


It might be a couple of weeks till the next one but get looking and booking, following and sharing. Say hello to us and tell a friend?

Gav & Pete
August 2014

Funny Looking Presents…


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Geins Family Giftshop

Photo by http://www.idilsukan.com/
Photo by http://www.idilsukan.com/

Funny Looking Podcast 12 – Tiernan Douieb


Hello, it’s been a bit hasn’t it! Ah well. We are very pleased to see you!

It’s a bit long, perfect for splitting up during the week!

Straight in with a smashing chat from a great comedian.

So hard working and so funny. This man is on tour and have seen this gent live and we will do again! So should you:


Go see you lovelies.

You’ll find all you need to know about Michael J. Dolan here:


Go buy that album. Our previous journey with the MJD can be followed here: https://funnylooking.co.uk/?p=237

Also follow Manchester Man – Phil Ellis – https://twitter.com/Thephilellis

George Ryegold – https://twitter.com/GeorgeRyegold – He is in a lot of adverts…

This is the link for Mark Griffiths – buy his book for that smart kid you should pay more attention to:


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Here is Gina Jenkinson’s Laughing Bassett loveliness:
Here is the first chat we had with Gina – https://funnylooking.co.uk/?p=82

Leanne Moden the poet is here – http://tenyearstime.blogspot.co.uk/

Will we see you at the Mach Comedy Festival? We hope so.

Do get in touch. If you get something from it. We would love to know!

Love you.

Gav & Pete