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Thurs Dec 3rd – Beth Vyse: As Funny As Cancer
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Thurs March 3rd – Chris Coltrane: An Hour Of Tory-Smashing Comedy
Thurs April 7th – Michael J Dolan: The Most Villainous Michael J Dolan

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Funny Looking Presents 07

Funny Looking Podcast 12 – Tiernan Douieb


Hello, it’s been a bit hasn’t it! Ah well. We are very pleased to see you!

It’s a bit long, perfect for splitting up during the week!

Straight in with a smashing chat from a great comedian.

So hard working and so funny. This man is on tour and have seen this gent live and we will do again! So should you:


Go see you lovelies.

You’ll find all you need to know about Michael J. Dolan here:


Go buy that album. Our previous journey with the MJD can be followed here: https://funnylooking.co.uk/?p=237

Also follow Manchester Man – Phil Ellis – https://twitter.com/Thephilellis

George Ryegold – https://twitter.com/GeorgeRyegold – He is in a lot of adverts…

This is the link for Mark Griffiths – buy his book for that smart kid you should pay more attention to:


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Here is Gina Jenkinson’s Laughing Bassett loveliness:
Here is the first chat we had with Gina – https://funnylooking.co.uk/?p=82

Leanne Moden the poet is here – http://tenyearstime.blogspot.co.uk/

Will we see you at the Mach Comedy Festival? We hope so.

Do get in touch. If you get something from it. We would love to know!

Love you.

Gav & Pete



Funny Looking Podcast 09 – Bonus – The Full Dolan

Photo by Andy Hollingworth
Photo by Andy Hollingworth

So here it is, the extended version of our chat with Mr Michael J Dolan. It was probably our longest interview yet and whilst an absolute pleasure to talk with MJD, it made the whole thing a bloody nightmare to edit. This is a 45 minute version of the interview which is packed full of good stuff.

Michael discusses his origins as a stand up and how he came to record his album Dress To Depress last year. He also covers being accused of misogyny, how he reacted and how it’s affected his comedy. My favourite bit was hearing his plans for his new show.

A man who clearly loves comedy and is constantly striving to be smarter and funnier with every joke. We hope you enjoy.

Funny Looking 10 will be with you very soon. It may be slightly delayed as Gav is currently in a post Thatcher week of mourning. Wait…I mean celebration. Seriously, I’ve never seen him so happy and it was a pleasure to break the good news to him.

If you enjoy this honest celebration of all we find funny then tell a friend. It really does take bloody ages to edit an interview so we’d appreciate your support.

Don’t forget for the Gifted & Talented there are Dolan related extension activities here.


Flog – The Michael J Dolan Study Circle

http://michaeljdolan.co.ukHere at Funny Looking Podcast it is our aim to educate… entertain… and er…


As I am sure you are aware, this month, March 2013, we have a fantastic interview with Michael J. Dolan. Michael is a stand-up based here in the North West and is one of those annoying comedians that thinks and cares and strives to be both funny but also thoughtful and entertaining.

Because of this terrible affliction of being both self reflective and empathetic he recently came out as a misogynist.  Here, in this Flog post, we are going to give you all the component parts, put together in handy package, to allow you the informed Funny Looking listener the chance to see all the facets of the discussion and come up with your own response.

Could your discursive essays, finally squeezing all the fun out of comedy, be handed in next Monday. Alternatively leave us a comment below on how annoying we are.

Fit the 1st

Listen to the first part of our podcast, up to the first part of our interview with Michael. You can find it here. Of course!

Fit the 2nd

Go to Michael’s website order and buy is recording of the show in question. Alternatively listen to it free, on Spotify here. Shame on you.

Fit the 3rd

Now read the article that Michael wrote on the fantastic website The Skinny. Have a think about the things he says. Do you agree? Is Michael being too harsh upon himself? Should Michael go to jail? I’ll be at risk of being too flippant about this very thoughtful discussion?

Fit the 4th

Now listen to our special Spreaker podcast. Here I have put an extract of the Woman’s Hour discussion in question. Listen for yourself.

Fit the Final

Now listen to the remaining part of the interview with Michael J Dolan. (Remember the full interview you will be published as a Bonus podcast by the end of this month)

Extension Activities (for Spoffs)

I mentioned a very famous joke by Billy Connolly from the mythical 1970s, time almost forgotten by many people but not Gav. You can watch said joke here and perhaps compare and contrast.

Please hand in all essays with Harvard referencing as usual – much love and looking forward to parents evening.