Funny Looking Podcast 09 – Bonus – The Full Dolan

Photo by Andy Hollingworth
Photo by Andy Hollingworth

So here it is, the extended version of our chat with Mr Michael J Dolan. It was probably our longest interview yet and whilst an absolute pleasure to talk with MJD, it made the whole thing a bloody nightmare to edit. This is a 45 minute version of the interview which is packed full of good stuff.

Michael discusses his origins as a stand up and how he came to record his album Dress To Depress last year. He also covers being accused of misogyny, how he reacted and how it’s affected his comedy. My favourite bit was hearing his plans for his new show.

A man who clearly loves comedy and is constantly striving to be smarter and funnier with every joke. We hope you enjoy.

Funny Looking 10 will be with you very soon. It may be slightly delayed as Gav is currently in a post Thatcher week of mourning. Wait…I mean celebration. Seriously, I’ve never seen him so happy and it was a pleasure to break the good news to him.

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Funny Looking Podcast 07.5 Brian Gittins Live Special

Brian Gittins.

How happy are we that we got the interview we wanted? Thank you Brian for calling in on a very special night for you – What a gent.

We really enjoyed the Gittins Pilot – we really enjoyed the Live Podcast. Go to 4oD and watch the programme then come back and hear our drivel…
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Funny Looking Podcast 03 and a bit! The Full Arthur Smith Chatter

Hello sweethearts

Here it is the full 20 minute chat with Arthur Smith and what a smasher he was!

You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll enter our competition to win a signed hardback of his autobiography. All you will have to do is guess which number between 0 and 100 he wrote in the book – the closest wins! Entries by July the 9th please!

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Plus, one half of us, Gav, will be producing Arthur’s show at the Udderbelly

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