Funny Looking Podcast 05 August 2012 Updated

Andy Zaltzman, the legend, is our honoured and treasured for podcast number 05. The Bugle has to be the finest funniest podcast and from our lowly spot we crick our neck as we look up to them so much.  Recorded before the Olympics, we are concerned that his daily attendance to an event has broken the man…

We spurt out our love for the explosion of comedy that has lolloped from the loins of Channel 4 over this summer.  In particular we high light “The Function Room” and we cherry pick a top notch classic – “Garth Marenghi’s Dark Place” – Watch it now and be a winner:

We break all boundaries and meet Simon South, to talk about how magic and comedy combines – Simon freaks Gav with a demonstration of the powers of the Dark Side

Finally – a crushed voiced Gav shows off about all the shows he has seen at this years Ed Fringe and flings out a few top notch recommendations:


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