Funny Looking Podcast 06 – September 2012 – Go Faster Kate

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The award wining Kate Tracey

One of the finest compares and confident stand up comedians we know.

Top tips aplenty in there – listen carefully and follow our commands.

The smashingly Welsh Chris Evans gave of his lovely time as he does with his lovely leadership of

The first 3 people that buy something from that website on our recommendation and genuinely do not enjoy it and can tell me why, I will buy their purchase from them full price! I promise that! My money is safe.


Once again our man-crush on Tony Law continues when we gush about Go Mr Tony Go – Buy it:

Go see him:

Pete adds a new feature – ‘From the Postbag’ and after the end sting there is a frankly embarrassing call to Basil Bottler. We are ashamed of ourselves but love Basil.

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