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Did you win the Golden Ticket? Probably not… But there are free tickets for you still!
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This week. It all begins…

The Liverpool Comedy Festival starts this week and after months of planning, so lumbers the Funny Looking Fringe. Dedicated to bringing the best in Long For Comedy. One hour shows to delight, enthral, enchant, challenge, engage and mostly make you laugh.

This update will tell you:

  • Who won the Golden Ticket
    How you can get your hands on more Freebies!

  • Who is coming up
  • How you can get your hands on EXCLUSIVE Mailing List only limited bargains

Line Up & Tickets
With first time hours, master works in development and acres of finely honed comedy that is fresh from the Edinburgh Fringe Festival; we are a broad church of choice.
Comedy for kids, music, podcasts, impro, stories, sketch, magic, mayhem, chaos, jokes, japes, jumbles and a joint we will get jumping with laughter. There is something here for you and all your pals. Bring them.
Look out for special announcements on Facebook & Twitter. Lots of freebie tickets this week for shares are coming…

You can now buy your tickets from 81 Renshaw St itself – pop in take some flyers, buy a ticket and have some lovely treats…

Come along, take a punt, stay for a coffee, cake and a beer. Be entertained. Be enthralled. Be challenged. Be part of the Liverpool Comedy Fringe that is Funny Looking.

We drew the winner for this years Golden Ticket at the Launch of the Festival.
As you can see we are above reproach – we asked a politician to make the draw!
Gemma supported the Liverpool Comedy Festival last year and is over the moon!
See below for details of how you can still get free tickets & keep an eye out this week for news of a new Student Only Golden Ticket Competition…
Launch Gala with Bido Lito!
In partnership with Bido Lito we are launching this Fringe in style this week.

With music and comedy combined, come get a taster of the acts to come for Free!


To book your free ticket.

Acts include:

A Lovely War
Top Joe
Alastair Clark
Hannah Jones
Kate McCabe
Thaddeus Bent and more!

Snippits and Tasters
Short Cuts and bite size joy injections.

Did you see the article they did on the Fringe? What corkers! – It’s onlineHERE.

This is a grassroots Fringe, unfunded & dependent on your help sharing the list, telling people about it retweets, shares and likes really do help. Get excited with me will you?

FRIDAY 16th Sept
Our true opening night couldn’t be better.

7pm – Doug Segal – I Can Make You Feel Good  £7/£6 (Further offers available)
Click the link for a taster of the show & a chance to read the superb reviews Doug snatched in Edinburgh this year.

9pm – Liam Pickford – “Your Love Is A Knackered Bus Stop I can No Longer Be Arsed To Vandalise.” £6/£5 (Further offers and combo tickets apply)

We are big fans of this up and coming comic with a assured sense and voice that only Ashton’s finest can produce.

EXCLUSIVE: Type the code MAILING into the Get Tickets link to access very limited £4 tickets – once they are gone they are gone!

Saturday 17th Sept
Super Saturday – with four shows and something for the whole family!

3pm – Funny Looking Kids: Comedy Club
Family Friendly Chaos.
No swears.
No peanuts.
No Dairy.
Much Laughs

5pm – Liam Hale: Live in Limbo 
£6/£5 (Further offers and combo tickets apply)

Fresh from Ed Fringe – EXCLUSIVE: Type the code MAILING into the Get Tickets link to access very limited£3 tickets – once they are gone they are gone!

7pm – Che Burnley: The Big C (Work in Progress)

A new show from this funny and thoughtful comic. EXCLUSIVE: Type the code MAILING into the Get Tickets link to access very limited£3 tickets – once they are gone they are gone!

9pm – Top Joe’s Oxford English Dictionary 2017 Bid Launch

A whole hour with the new Liverpool Echo and Laughterhouse Stand-up of the year Finalist! EXCLUSIVE: Type the code MAILING into the Get Tickets link to access very limited£3 tickets – once they are gone they are gone!

Sunday 18th Sept
Super Saturday – Three gigs to rule them all. If you miss these dreamboats you will have missed one of my personal favourite days on the Fringe.

EXCLUSIVE: Type the code MAILING into the Get Tickets link to access very limited £10 tickets for all 3 gigs! – once they are gone they are gone!

5pm – James Meehan: Class Act
A debut hour from this Gein’s & Funz & Games award winner!

7pm – Kiri Pritchard McLean: Hysterical Woman
Kiri’s posters at Ed Fringe were covered in 4 star reviews – click the link to read them and see why this was a Guardian recommended must see!

9pm – Gein’s Family Giftshop: Work in Progress

What? you want a brand new show from this troupe of BBC Radio Waleslegends? Ok. EXCLUSIVE: Type the code MAILING into the Get Ticketslink to access very limited £10 tickets – once they are gone they are gone!

Student Golden Ticket Competition

Would you like to see almost every single funny looking fringe at the Liverpool comedy festival gig for free? Of course you would! Who wouldn’t?

Funny looking is going to give away a Student only Golden Ticket. Allowing you the ability to just swan into every gig and not have to hand over any of your sweet folding.

Click here and add your email address and enter the draw.

Drawn mid Sept 20th.
Not transferrable to anybody other then the winner.

(If you have already bought tickets for any of the gigs, and you really should do, I will ensure you are refunded and not out of pocket – Gav)

A Funny Looking badge for a minimum donation of £2 will get you a pound off every single Funny Looking gig for life (terms and conditions apply)

Just £8 will get you a Funny Looking mug and as you sip your cup of joe you will know that you have supported our endeavours to give new and alternative comedy a gloriously different at home in Liverpool.

Finally if you just have to have one of our logos printed on a T-shirt, pair of leggings, or even a cushion, you can go to our red bubble store and support as that way. (Though it’s a bit expensive and then they sting you for postage so look out for the days when there are discounts)
(Basically, by a mug)

Season 2 & Podcasts

Funny Looking enters its 3rd year as the official podcast of the Liverpool Comedy Festival. Search iTunes or your pod catcher for Funny Looking.
(During the festival look out on Twitter for our guerilla Funny Looking Live podcasts and mayhem…)

Funny Looking Live has returned to Spreaker on a Sunday night.
Chat calls and topics. It’s either the best or the very worst way to start or finish your week.

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