FLP 22 Kate Smurthwaite & Sam Avery at the Liverpool Comedy Festival 2015

It is Funny Looking Podcast 22. Oh my, what a treat.

Edinburgh Festival is still here, just but that’s not the Festival for us!

Sam AverySam Avery, Liverpool Comedy Festival Director guides us towards the start date of a festival opened by past chat guest Andy Zaltzman on the 17th of September. So many gigs for just a fiver. You will find plenty you should see.

Kate Smurthwaite by Bronac McNeillA show in the diary should be Kate Smurthwaite: The Wrong Sort of Feminist, a fresh show from left-wing, feminist, atheist comedian and activist Kate Smurthwaite. See you there? Sunday the 20th of September, 7pm at 81 Renshaw Street.

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