John Kearns – Funny Looking Pod 19

Oh boy, not only an Edinburgh best newcomer but also an Edinburgh best thing ever award winner! Now admittedly they are the same person, John Kearns, but this whole episode is taken over by our recent chat.

A fascinating comedian who clearly loves his craft and shapes each show with a huge amount of thought. You’ll hear how John shows Schtick went from rough outing at Machnyllyth comedy fest to an award winner and onto John’s future plans.

If you’ve not seen John yet, it’s a must! Follow him on Twitter for all his latest news at

Those in the London and Brighton areas, how do you afford the rent!? am I right?! Anyway one perk of the sky high property is that you can see Mr Kearns twice this week. Tickets, info etc here:

Phil Ellis can be heard on Pod 18 here: and if you want to see Funz and Gamez, you can do so at the Soho Theatre. Tickets here:

Finally legends, check out the the full Wilfredo Xmas song and chuck them a few pence here:

Once you’ve done that, share this bloody podcast with friends far and wide. It’s a labour of love and a humble honour when comedians chat to us but it would be lovely for lots of people to hear it. Thanks, pal.

Gav & Pete

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