Funny Looking Podcast 18 Phil Ellis & Alastair Clark

Previously on Serial….

It’s nice that a murder mystery has reminded everyone how great podcasts are. If you like Serial you are GUARANTEED to like Funny Looking and you are very welcome.

This episode straddles the two homes of Funny Looking.

Liverpool, the New York of Europe which gave us the greatest band in the world (Space) and also is home to a growing alt comedy scene. Alastair Clark is at the heart of this new generation of funny people and you will learn lots from his interview.

Whilst in Manchester when we’re not listening to The Smiths at the Hacienda drinking Boddingtons, we’re huge fans of Phil Ellis. Someone we loved at 2013’s Edinburgh and who came back in 2014 with a Kids Show that wowed audiences and critics alike. He warms up for his Soho Theatre run with a chat to Funny Looking.

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Funz and Gamez at Soho Theatre –


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