Funny Looking Podcast 10 – Tweedy in “Whats a Happening?”

Tweedy Clown. Post Dippy Eggs, pre Jeremy Kyle encounter.

Pod X is here. A whole year has past and we are still enjoying ourselves. Still seeking out the funny and still wanting to share it with you. Our beloved listeners.

The rather sordid setting of Pete’s bedroom we celebrate this feat with a short through back to the lovely people we have talked to. Are our podcasts are here for you to enjoy and peruse.  The best thing we have done is get to talk to people we admire and respect. And we would like to talk to you too. Say hello to us on Twitter of over on Facebook.  Or if you want to leave us a review on itunes for our birthday, we’d be ok with that too.

In our Comedy Round Up:

Pete & Claire went to Group Therapy in Manchester. Pete found a soft spot for James Acaster & we all enjoyed the Josh Widdicombe Podcast that James features in. Pete and Claire had the big ticket, Harry Hill and shared his sausage time.  Gav discovered, via Pete, Marc Maron, Podcast joy.  And we also talked about Dead Cat Comedy, hosted by Red Redmond. Not his real name.  Pete & Claire finally got to see the Maximum Nonsense of Tony Law. Buy the song!

This months interview is with Tweedy, an amazingly funny clown and performer that Gav has been watching at Giffords Circus for years. Just funny. Funny for everybody. Check out Tweedy at his website, or start with a clip HERE.

We saw the stupendous Jaime Kilstein at the equally excellent event and North West comedy mainstay that is XS Malarkey.

TV Times – Gav hasn’t been out much recently so a LOT of TV was watched. Kevin Eldon finally gets the spotlight with ‘It’s Kevin’. Lots of voices in the head with ‘The Mimic’. Hearty Congratulation! to ‘Anna & Katy’.  Pete & Claire caught up with ‘Derek’ – hear Gav’s views of Derek after one of the cast asked him live what he thought, over at our sporadic Live Podcast Spreaker Page.

So well has this year gone, we are going on holiday together – oh yes – The Mach Comedy Fest. We are too excited… Will we see you there? Let us know if you are going.

Finally, Gav has discovered Blogs. Too late?

He is enjoying – Louise ConranMartin MorRuss Monkeywithagunn – But we are most indebted to Ste Price for his Flog piece for us – Good stuff and tons more links here.

We love you and we love hearing from you.

Stay lovely.

Gav, Pete & Claire.



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