Funny Looking Live


Sundays 9pm

  • It’s nonsense
  • It’s self-centered
  • It’s indulgent
  • It’s difficult to justify
  • live on Spreaker.

You could:

  • Listen live
  • Listen back on Spreaker or via itunes
  • Join in the live chatbox
  • Skype in: funnylookingpod
  • Call 0151 528 3575

A chance to:

  • Respond to the topics
  • Try ideas
  • Test characters
  • Complain
  • Plug something
  • Be part of a community of malcontents, aspirants, lonely & desperate.

If any of this appeals then god bless you and you seem perfect.

You can call and leave a message before the show.

Or not.

Tell all your friend.



Funny Looking Presents…



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