FLP 24 Mel Moon Special & the Liverpool Comedy Festival launch 2015

It’s nearly here! Oh me… Oh my…

mel-moonThis is a Mel Moon special – because she has a story to tell and we want you to hear it. This is going to be one of those shows that transcends comedy. Funny, yes but more then that too. I will see you there!


What a lovely launch party it was too. As well as Top Boss Sam Avery you heard:

John Wilson: Love That Gag


Che Burnley: Elvis was Racist?


Rob Thomas

Working Class Zero (hours contract) http://www.thecomedytrust.com/comedy-festival/whats-on/rob-thomas-working-class-zero/

With pal of the podcast Kate Tracey:

We used to be fit! http://www.thecomedytrust.com/comedy-festival/whats-on/kate-tracey-rob-thomas-we-used-to-be-fit/

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