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Welcome to Funny Looking

We are Funny Looking

You Are Funny Looking


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Funny Looking was first a podcast recorded by two men & some pals. Meet Gav Cross & Peter Jones. Hello!

Our aim is to seek out the funny in this slowly decaying world. We all need a laugh and hopefully FL can guide you to something worth your time. At the very least, our podcast should be able to brighten up the commute to work when you are sandwiched between snogging teenagers and smelly sweaty businessmen.

Funny Looking will discuss live comedy, new TV shows and sometimes talk to people better informed than ourselves. We’ll level with you, this isn’t Newsnight Review and our genuine feeling is that anyone brave enough to put an idea into the world needs to be treated with respect and love.Podding About

We are sometimes insistent, often gushing and very occasionally incisive. Enjoy.

Get in touch if you like. (NB. It will mainly be Gav replying as Pete has forgotten the log in details for our email)

You can download and listen too the podcast here on this website or find us on iTunes & subscribe, that really helps us.

We are also in all the places:

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The Twitter –!/funnylookingpod

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Funny Looking LiveDon’t forget that Gav runs off to Spreaker on most Sunday nights for Funny Looking Live.

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